"Aren’t you cold?" James wanted to know, as they strolled along. He eyed her exposed, freckled arms, and she laughed again.

"Firewhiskey, it so happens, is a coat made of wool," Lily replied.

"It’s a nice dress," he told her. "You look like a sunflower."

"I like sunflowers," mused Lily inconsequentially. Yes, the yellow must really have been good for her.

-The Life And Times, by Jewels5

I am… I am totally in love with the author (her style, oh my), and the story. Fin.

"Well, a bit of advice for him - step one: don’t take suggestions from James Potter and he should do fine."

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she’s the one  a jily fanmix

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listen | art cover by bellemrdch


This is the story of Lily and James Potter ; this is how it starts, and how it ends…


James and Lily are my absolute bbys so I thought I’d make a special post for them c:


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In Defense of Jily

Hope you find this simultaneously helpful, utterly heartbreaking and filling your heart with a lot of jily love! (◠‿◠✿)

(I will continue to add to this as much as possible, as obviously there is so much more to explore)