if harry knew what his parents did under that cloak he wouldn’t have touched it with a six foot broomstick

Lily and James first kiss à la Annabeth and Percy? (:


I assumed you meant Annabeth and Percy’s first kiss in the fourth book and not the one where they officially get together in the fifth. (Was I right?) And because this takes place while James and Lily are in the Order, it’s a bit AU in terms of timeline - I hope that’s okay :)

“We need to split up. All right? Because –”

“It’ll increase our chances of getting completely slaughtered? Then, absolutely, yes, you’re a genius, Potter. Good thinking.”

There’s just enough light coming in through the windows of the barn they’re hiding in (Hiding, could you believe it? Evans and Potter hiding) that he can see her glare. Increasingly growing as cross as she insists on being, he matches her with one of his own.

“Blimey, would you just listen for a second? Evans, if playing quidditch has taught me anything, it’s that everyone’s got a weak spot that you need to take advantage of at the right moment. We know Avery and Lestrange’s weaknesses and if we could just split up –”

“These are Death Eaters we’re up against, Potter. Not a bunch of school children racing around a pitch on broomsticks. If you don’t have someone out there covering you, believe me, you’ll get hit by something far worse than a bludger.”

He’s about ready to pull his hair out because it’s the best and only plan they’ve got and why isn’t she seeing any sense? Evans is a clever and generally reasonable bird – he should know that more than anyone – and he can’t understand why she insists on being so bloody stubborn about this.

But then James sees it, sees the way that her face, if only for a moment, betrays her resolve. And he understands. Because he can read her like a book when she lets him.

“Lily, look at me.” She isn’t looking so he places his hands on either side of her head, taking a chance by gently running his thumb along the soft, fair skin on her cheek, slightly tarnished by small gash that is encrusted with dried blood. (Is he allowed to be doing this? He doesn’t know, but he does it anyway.) Her eyes eventually lock with his and give him the encouragement he needs to continue. “I’m scared too – fuck, I’m scared – and I-I don’t want to leave you either, but this is our best shot. And I know you know that.”

Lily doesn’t say anything, only steels herself for something – James can feel it underneath his very fingertips – and then she is leaning forward to press her lips to his, her hands gripping his collar as she hold herself to him. It feels like a moment exempt from time, where nothing else exists but Lily Evans and her soft, soft lips.

And then it’s over; she’s disentangled herself from him, and making her way towards the exit. He can only sit there, flabbergasted, his eyes trained on the silhouette of her longlonglong legs and swaying hips.

She only looks back once.

“Just don’t die, yeah?”

I’m here, Lily, he’d said. I’ve always been right here. (x)


if you haven’t noticed my life has become the marauders lately and I really needed to flesh out my character designs for them because I haven’t drawn them since I was maybe 12 

i almost didn’t draw peter but I sucked it up and did it anyway so here we are

"Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run!"


I find that whenever i’m trying to break out of an art block or if i’m experimenting, i always end up drawing Lily Evans. 


Jily meme : [2/5] Songs → Counting Crows, Accidentelly In Love. (x)

What’s the problem I don’t know

Well maybe I’m in love.


THE MAGIC BEGINS favourite ship

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

apalapucian’s fanfic roundup


ya, that’s me. and these are all my hogwarts 78 fics! right, so, hello, i’m jayne, and i recently just hit a goal, so i thought i’d do something about that after my exams. and here we are! tadaaaa! i didn’t think i’d ever write this much about something, really. i reckon i’m gonna do a hogwarts 78 fic/author/blog rec list next.

anyway, besides this blog i do have an account on ffnet. the fics are put up on here first, but sometimes a few changes are made before they’re put on ffnet, so it would be nice if you check them out on there too sometime. also the faves and reviews make me happy :-)

here we go then.


  • Starlight*
          Right now you’re a mass of giggles and tangled limbs and flailing fabrics on starkissed grass. He doesn’t get up at once, the prat. He laughs and wraps his arms around you, kisses you on the lips once, twice, forever.
  • Calliope Calling*
          James wields a wand for the first time. Lily giggles, euphoric and carefree and on top of the world. Sirius stands up and slams the door to shut his younger brother out. Peter sighs and goes back down to his room to the sound of his mum calling. And Remus screams, raw and screeching and painfully young.      
  • Fourth Cup*
          "We’ll be alright, Lily," he tells her, never mind that his voice is hoarse. He strokes her hair comfortingly with his other hand. He can feel her tears on his shirt, he can feel her shoulders shudder, and it breaks his heart.
  • Things We Lost In The Fire*
          Blank stares, cold hands, colourless lips. It’s the fucking end of a line he swore, they all swore, never to tread. Yet here they are.

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